February 11th
Latitude 12, 46, Longitude 57, 7, at half past 5 P.M. discovered a sail from the mast head, made sail in chase, at 7 wore ship and shortened sail to keep the chase in sight, made her out to be a large ship. At 8, jibed ship and stood from the chase, a few minutes after we fired a gun over us. Brailed our foresail up, backed our maintopsail and returned the fire; during the night she kept up an incessant firing; we occasionally returned it. In the morning, being about one and a half miles to windward, made her out to be a frigate. At half past 7 wore ship and stood of N. by W. The chase immediately tacked and stood after us, under a crowd of sail.

From the journal of the Chasseur, excerpted in Baltimore American, June 2, 1814. Maryland Historical Society.

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