October 10th
These 24 hours commences light breezes & clear Weather. At 3 PM came up within gun shot of the ship when she gave us a Broadside, which was soon returned & the action commenced and lasted for 20 minutes when he struck. We Boarded him she was the ship transport ship Champion[,] No. 444 Capt. Kirby, from London bound to Quebec, cargo Flour, Bread, and 423 Bales of Bale goods. At 5 PM commenced taking out the Bale goods & putting them in the Schooner.

Middle and Latter part same, all hands employed in putting the goods in the Schooner & taking them from the ship.

From the Schooner Mammoth Logs, 1814. MS 3082, H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society.

2 thoughts on “The Mammoth: Ship’s log, October 10th

  1. My great great great grandfather Captain Richard Kirby wrote an account of this encounter and interestingly claims that he broke away from the American ship during the night, with an American on board . For this he was awarded 100 guineas by the British Admiralty, I still have the top half of his original account document.
    His ship Champion then sailed onward to Ottawa and on the way they rescued a group of seamen who had been trapped on an island in the St Lawrence seaway, One of his sons went on to captain the Red Jacket clipper.

    1. Hi,
      We seem to share a great great great grandfather.
      Hi son, Richard Kirby also had a son called Richard Kirby. The latter was thus my greatgrandfather.
      I visited the latter’s grave in Yokohama, Japan2 years ago. He went to japan at age 15.
      I was also born in Japan, as was my father and grandmother.

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