February 12th
At half past 1 p.m. saw 3 sail from mast head, bearing n. e. immediately in light sails and hauled by the wind in chase, soon made them out to be three ships standing to the westward. At half past 2 the headmost ship fired a gun, hoisted her English ensign with the private signals, which was immediately answered by the other frigate in chase. We now discovered the headmost ship to be a frigate, the other two merchantmen, made all sail off, the two frigates under a press of sail in chase, the former in our wake, the latter to windward about 3 and a half miles, soon found we had the advantage in sailing. At 10. p.m. lost sight of the frigates.

From the journal of the Chasseur, excerpted in Baltimore American, June 2, 1814. Maryland Historical Society.

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