July 16.
In sight of St Domingo. Boarded a Spanish schooner from Port au Platt to Jamaica with Live Stock. At 1/2 past 5 AM saw a sail standing in for the land. Went in chase of her. At 7 she tacked and stood to the North’d. At half past 9 came up within gun shot of her and gave her a gun and shewed Our Colours, when she hauled on a Wind. Spread all possible sail. Triced up her Tarpaulins which covered her Battery shewing 12 Ports and commenced firing Broad Sides, the shot falling around us, but did no injury. In 6 hours from her first firing had her courses down.

From the journal of the Privateer Armed Schooner Lawrence, July 16, 1814. Maryland Historical Magazine, Volume 3, Number 2, June 1908, p. 171-176.

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