on July 17th
The first part of these 24 hours Commences fresh breezes and hazy weather. At 1 PM saw a ship bearing SSW standing to the westward. Made sail in Chase. At 4 PM saw several Islands of Ice coming on thick fog. Hove too. At 30 minutes past 6 saw several sail but the fog being so thick could not make them out. At 8 wove ship and reefed the mainsail and F. Topsail and took in the Foresail. Hove too to wait for daylight. At 5 AM sent down (?M. T. Jibyard?) and took in the Fore Topsail. At 9 set the (???) Flying Jib. at 10 thick fog saw large lumps of Ice on our lee bow wove ship and cleared it. So Ends. No Obs. this day.

From the Schooner Mammoth Logs, 1814. MS 3082, H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society.

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