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1814 March 30 – Cloudy day with a few Showers but more mild, Wind S.E. ~ Went to Town, return’d to dinner – Busy preparing Trench to Plant Thorns on South and West sides of Orchard – Wind S. & mild, clear’d up at Sunsett, very beautifully~ Went to Town and return’d to dine with Mr. Nicols, met Doct. Troup there.

From the journal of Captain Henry Thompson, March 30, 1814. Courtesy the Friends of Clifton.

8 – Mild but hazy day, Wind S. – Rode to Fortune, the Meadows, and to Town, return’d to Dinner, busy burning brush, spreading Manure & Sowing Clover Seed in front of House in the old Field on Rye ~ Today finished scraping Trees at Furley Orchard, which has taken 17 days

From the journal of Captain Henry Thompson, March 8, 1814. Courtesy the Friends of Clifton.

17th  – Mild & Clear day – the Roads are bad, in consequence of the Thaw –  Went to Town & return’d to Dine with Mr. Nicols, who had a pleasant party  My hands busy trimming Orchard at Furley – Bot Cow & Calf $35

From the journal of Captain Henry Thompson, January 17, 1814. Courtesy the Friends of Clifton.

In May 1818, an assessment of Thompson’s property noted that he held 10 enslaved people—likely including the “hands” who worked to trim the orchard at Furley Hall on January 17.

Source: National Register of Historic Places, Clifton Park, Baltimore, (Independent City), Maryland, National Register # 07000941 – see Section 8, 3, citing Baltimore County Commission on Tax.