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Ap. 21st
Latt 50° 45′ N, Long 11° 30′. Boarded Portugese Ship Rosario for the Brazils bound to Liverpool. With the Captains Consent put on board of her 19 Prisoners, with a Sufficiency of Provissions & let her proceed. Same day captured the English Brig Pelican, Smith Master, from Bermuda to Liverpool. Cargo, Sugar Cotton & Logwood. Manned her for France.

From the journal of the Privateer Armed Schooner Lawrence, April 21, 1814. Maryland Historical Magazine, Volume 3, Number 2, June 1908, p. 171-176.

April 21st
Cape St. Mary’s bearing NE. distant 18 miles, captured the Maltese poladre rigged ship Joanna from Constantinople, to Lisbon, mounting 6 guns, with a cargo of wheat and barely, supposed to be worth 80,000 dollars; scuttled her and kept her boats in tow until morning. At 8 A.M. the town of Lago bearing n. n. e. distant 3 miles, gave them up to the prisoners. 40 in number, and permitted them to proceed. Came into Sandy Hook on Sat. night and passed a aze under the three topsails. The C has been chased during her cruise, ten different times, by British ships of war all of which she outsailed with ease. Sloop Polly Allen, 2 days from N. haven. Sloop Susan, Miles, 3 hours from N. haven. Sloop Hornet, Grimes, 24 hours from N. H.

From the journal of the Chasseur, excerpted in Baltimore American, June 2, 1814. Maryland Historical Society.