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While visiting neighbors on Wonton Creek in Kent County, Lieutenant Colonel Philip Reed, 21st Regiment, saw four British landing barges from the frigate HMS Loire and schooner HMS St. Lawrence. Reed quickly borrowed a musket and gathered twenty-nine neighbors armed with duck guns and muskets to ambush the British barges as they passed.

Learn more from Maryland in the War of 1812 by historian Scott Sheads.

10th July
The first part of these 24 hours commences with fine breezes and clear weather. At 6 PM took in the Top Gallensails.

Middle part Same. At 1 AM handed the Main Topsail and took one reef in the Fore Topsail. At 2 Bailed up the Foresail.

Latter part pleasant breezes and fine weather.

From the Schooner Mammoth Logs, 1814. MS 3082, H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society.