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on July 11th
These 24 hours commences with moderate Breezes and cloudy weather. At 30 minutes past 4 PM saw a sail bearing NE. Made sail in chase and cleared ship for action. At 5 PM the ship hoisted English Colors. At 6PM gave her a gun which was immediately returned, and we commenced the action and continued firing for 35 minutes when two of the Brickings of the guns gave way. And the wind being so light we could get along side of her. So concluded to haul off as it was nearly dark and lay by her until the morning. Mr. Cole prize master was accidentally wounded in the leg by the recoiling of the guns. We received a shot through the Starboard quarter, and the Main Topmast sounded below the width of the Mainmast head, and some of the small rigging shot away. Expended 40 cartridges. At 10 PM the wind light and a smooth sea. the ship bearing SSW ¾ of a mile dist. All hands employed in repairing the (mast?). At 6 PM bore up for him. At 10 came alongside of the ship within musket shot, when we perceived him to a transport full of troops. Thought it best to leave him. Tacked ship and gave him a raking Broadside of great guns and musketry while in stays which was returned by the Enemy but did us no damage.

From the Schooner Mammoth Logs, 1814. MS 3082, H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society.