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8 – Weather very fine – Went to Town & found our four Sons, who all arriv’d last night from Hagers Town in good Health & slept at Mr. Steretts. Mrs. T. went to Town & return’d home to Dinner. I din’d at Mr. Rob. Gilmores for the first time –

From the journal of Captain Henry Thompson, October 8, 1814. Courtesy the Friends of Clifton.

October 8th
First of these 24 hours commences, fresh breeze, & Squally with much rain. At 5 PM spoke the Mentor, our prize, at 8 the Foresail split got the sail down to repair it.

Middle part light breeze, accompanied with some rain, and a heavy swell.

Latter part moderate Breezy and rainy weather. Nothing in sight. Hands employed at repairing Sail & Rigging.

From the Schooner Mammoth Logs, 1814. MS 3082, H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society.