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30th Oct. Sunday – High Wind and Rain last Night, but clear morning, Went to Town, Escorted by Gen. Scott a few Miles towards Washington, return’d home to Dinner, afterwards walk’d with Mrs. T & the children to Furley, return’d to Tea

From the journal of Captain Henry Thompson, October 30, 1814. Courtesy the Friends of Clifton.

October 30th
First part light airs and cloudy, the three men of war in chase. At 4 PM ran them out of sight. At 9 PM hove too, head. to the NE in 70 fathoms of water.

Middle part light airs & thick fog—

Latter part, light airs and fine clear weather. At 8 AM filled way head. as P. Log.

From the Schooner Mammoth Logs, 1814. MS 3082, H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society.